About us

Hello and welcome to Montessori In Daily Life!

I am so excited to have you here and to share our learning journey with you!

My name is Raluca, I am an early years educator and AMI Montessori qualified assistant to Infancy. I am mom of Aurora, who is 5 years old and Francesca, 2 year old. I started our Montessori at home journey when my first daughter was born and since then is part of our life, family, culture and mentality.

I love being creative, love making affordable, hands-on learning educational resources for children and Montessori guides for parents around the world, to help them raise little curious, free-thinking, independent and capable human beings.

Each resource for children is created to make learning more fun and help little ones learn with joy. I believe learning through play should be enjoyed in as many families as possible.

Each resource for parents is created so it can support in a simple but effective way their initial Montessori journey.

I am so grateful I discovered the method that totally changed our lives in the most positive and unexpected way. We are not strict on the method and I don’t see Montessori necessarily as a parenting style, but rather as a lifestyle that integrates perfectly on our everyday living and mindset. This is the reason I called our blog “Montessori In Daily Life”, because we are here to share our daily genuin journey.

Since starting our blog, it has changed from being a shared journey to a resource to help other parents incorporate Montessori in their home in a meaningful way. We love to share affordable kids resources, freebies, mini guides that can support children’s education around the world. I feel so lucky and grateful to have found Montessori and the amazing community out there and now to be able to help others discover and love it too!

Thank you so much for following along and for supporting, it means the world to me!