Montessori Toddler Placemats

In Montessori classrooms, setting the table is a common activity during snack and mealtime, so it’s a practical skill for toddlers to develop. 

Children learn through repetition and hands-on, real life experiences, they are sensorial learners.
Movement is an important element in Montessori education. Movement is closely connected to psychic life. Children need to freely move inside their prepared environment so they can develop their brain and learn about the world around them. Repetition is an important aspect of movement. In Montessori we love repetition. Through repetition the child builds coordination. Practicing everyday life activities not only helps the child build a stronger body but gives him the sense of being a valuable member of the community and a sense of belonging to the family.

Maria Montessori explained that children in their first years of life are eager to do practical life work, they love to do chores. “The work of the child consist of creating the human being that it has to become. The adult works to improve his environment, while the child works to improve himself” – “Understanding the Human Being”, Chapter 9, Montanaro Silvana.

Practical life activity like setting the table and self-serve snack in a prepared environment, allows Francesca to independence, helps her work with intelligent purpose and improves her self -esteem.
Here we started to learn how to set the table and self-serve the breakfast. We are learning it step by step.
I love practical life around food. In Montessori “food” incorporates all 4 areas (care for yourself, care for environment, grace & courtesy and movement of objects)
Food is so much more than nutrition, food is attachment of our physical and human environment, is our security. We can teach so many things around this topic to children, we can teach them about their roots, culture and traditions, while incorporating the Montessori education.

Francesca, my 16 months in the picture above, loves repeated actions and activities and she loves to set up her table and self-prepare snack or breakfast at her little kitchen and table.

 I always loved the idea of creating my own placemat. And this time I made one. And I choose to make it with Dinosaur prints which I know id a fun and exciting theme for many toddlers at this age. There is a range of 10 different designs and colors to choose from.

Our placemats have cool outlines of a plate, fork, spoon, and glass, so your child knows exactly where to put each item.


Here are some benefits to consider:
• Perfect for your little one to learn how to set the table all by themselves.
• Helps them become more independent.
• You can just print and laminate it
• Easy to clean and maintain and re-usable
• Every time you need a new one, you can print one of the 10 models available

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Here are some purposes of practical life:
???? teaches a practical skill
???? functional independence (the child learns how to do by himself)
???? social awareness
???? concentration (through repetition,the child learns sequencing)
???? language (through experience, the child learns how things around him look like, ground the child in reality, it has real purpose)
???? self confidence and self esteem
???? refines movement and coordination
???? increases the intelect and develops the will
???? through practical life the child learns how to care and love for self, environment and others.❤️

How you present to a child the activity of setting the table:

Presentation using slow hands and omit words:

  • Place the place mat on the table,
  • Put the plate in the middle of the place mat towards the bottom,
  • Place the napkin to the left of the plate.(if you have one , but I like to keep it simple for younger toddlers),
  • Place the fork to the left of the plate,
  • Place the spoon to the right of the plate,

Place the glass on top right of the placemat,

After modelling how and where to place each item invite the child to do the same. Prepare the environment in advance by placing each item in its correct place on the kitchen of the child and prepare also the place from where the child can pick his cutlery, glass and other small bowl if you need. Always remember to prepare everything in advance so the child has at the ready all the tools and ingredients of what he will prepare/eat.

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